2019 Confirmation Class


This summer five young people have embarked on a journey of faith discovery . Through classes, activities, and study, this will be a meaningful, productive process for our youth that will launch them on a lifetime of faith.  Each person is at his or her own level, so we will do everything so that everyone will be a success.

Classes: We’ll meet in the Family Room each Sunday at 11:15 a.m. (following summer worship) and on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. We are using the Theocademy Confirmation curriculum, with workbooks and videos. The goal is to confirm the students in September after completion of all requirements.

Attendance: Attendance is requested at each meeting. However, understanding that it is summer, links to the videos are listed below. If you miss a session please go through the lesson in your notebook and watch the video. If you have questions, text Pastor Glunt at 417-844-0629 or by e-mail at If making up a chapter, student should bring along the completed assignments/questions from the lesson to the next meeting.

Memorization/Learning Pieces Each student will learn and the following items that are basic to our faith.

The Lord’s Prayer (debts)

The Apostles’ Creed

Books of the Bible (in order and Old or New Testament)

The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12, New International Reader’s Version or whichever version you choose)

The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17)
Click on the link to read or print a booklet explaining
the commandments.

Sermon Understanding and Discussion: We’ll learn how to listen to a sermon by doing the following. Students are required to reprt on any of four sermons in July and August.

  1. Learn how to look up Scripture verses to read them for yourself during a sermon. The students will be assigned certain verses during the sermon and will write down the page number to show they actually turned there.

  2. Take notes using the handout supplied each week and take additional notes relating to the questions provided.

  3. List questions about the items needing explanation on any of the points of the sermon.

  4. Summarize the thought of the sermon in a short paragraph in your own words.

Mission Day  We will schedule a mission activity (or two) on a day when everyone can attend.  This will be a time for us to do ministry and give back to our community.  We’ll plan it together as a group with parents and students.  The youth who completed their confirmation under Pastor Emily will be invited, as they didn’t have the opportunity to do so during their studies.

 Worship Seminar  We will be attending several different worship facilities, mostly Christian denominations (i.e., Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, some version of evangelical—Baptist or Pentecostal, and a Jewish synagogue or Temple.  If you have any other suggestions, I would be open to that.  The purpose is to learn how others worship the God of our Bible and to build an understanding (in the case of the Christian churches especially) of the greater body of Christ to which we belong when we place our faith in Him.

Theocademy Confirmation is a ministry of the Synod of Mid-America and is written by Jodi Craiglow; edited by Lynn Anderson, James Gale, and Landon Whitsitt. Theocademy Confirmation is structured to cover the "Great Themes of the Reformed Tradition" as found in the PCUSA Book of Order (F-2.05).

Lesson Video Links:
Lesson 1: Brainwashing (What is Confirmation_)
Lesson 2: Not the Boss of Me (Sovereignty of God)
Lesson 3: Get it and Give it (Grace and Gratitude)
Lesson 4: Keeping It Real (The Sacraments)
Lesson 5: #DFTBA (God's Providence)
Lesson 6: Deal With It (Election_Predestination) 
Lesson 7: (6/25) Blessed to be a Blessing (Election of the People to Service)
Lesson 8: (6/30) Reconciled to God (Election of the People for Salvation)
Lesson 9: (7/7) Bound Together (A Covenant Life)
Lesson 10: (7/9)Decent and in Order (Covenant_ An Ordered Life)
Lesson 11: (7/14) The Word and the word (Covenant Life according to the Word of God)
Lesson 12: (7/16) All Good Gifts (Faithful Stewardship)
Lesson 13: (7/21) BLING! (Shunning Ostentation)
Lesson 14: (7/23) Very Good (Proper Use of God’s Creation)
Lesson 15: (7/28) No good, dirty sinner (Human Sinfulness)
Lesson 16: (7/30) Idol Factories and Tyrants (Sinfulness, Idolatry and Tyranny)
Lesson 17: (8/2) Ministry of Reconciliation (Called to Work for Transformation)

Our Confirmation Covenant with God
(Based on 2 Samuel 7)
(written by the class
on July 2, 2019)

God, you are a good, good Father, the King of Kings
and Lord of Lords. 
You answer our prayers, comfort us, and sent your Son Jesus to die for us.

Because of who you are,
we will do what you ask
by loving God with all our hearts and loving our neighbors.  We will learn what you want by studying the Bible and will always turn back to you and pray when we have gone our
own way.

We know that you are faithful and that you will welcome us into Your kingdom and will give us joy, peace, and all the fruit of the Spirit.  But if we do not keep this covenant, we know that you will discipline us, even shouting to us through circumstances in our lives and turning the light on our sin and rebellion so we will return to you.

The witnesses to this covenant are our families, our friends, our church, and our enemies, who will see what You do for us and glorify You because of
your faithfulness.