Week 3--Becoming the Body of Christ

Houston First United Presbyterian Church
Mission Study

Week 3—Becoming the Body of Christ
We studied 1 Corinthians 1:10-17, 26-31 by reading it aloud then participants read it again slowly and prayerfully. 

Participants were asked to name perceived ministries of the congregation.  Those mentioned were:

·         Community Outreach

·         Missions

·         Youth Ministry

Questions for Additional Consideration:

·         Are there other perceived ministries you might have named?  If so, what are they?


We asked the subgroups to identify what it is that they want the church to know about their group’s perspective during this interim time:

The Youth Ministry subgroup answered the following questions:

What is working in this area? 
Sunday school (we are few but mighty) VBS, Rock the Block, Youth group, Pumpkin Festival

What is not working?
Attendance low with few new members
Same people doing the same work.

What does our group offer?  (No answer provided)

What needs improvement?
Introduce and try new approaches, ideas, points of view.

Questions for Additional Consideration of “Youth Ministry” Subgroup Responses:

What is your view of the Youth Ministries of our church? 

Do you attend Sunday school and encourage your children to do so?  Why or why not?

What do you think we can do to bring in more young people?  Would you be willing to help accomplish this?  Why or why not?

How can we get congregation excited about youth and children’s ministry?

The Missions subgroup answered the following questions: 

What is working in this area? 
Meals on Wheels, Boy Scouts, Tuesday Women’s NA Group, Vacation Bible School, Open Door Nursery, West Virginia Mission Trips, support of Foreign Missionaries

What is not working?  (No Answers provided)

What does our group offer?  (No Answers provided)

What needs improvement?

·         Bible school needs more help

·         WV Mission needs more help

Questions for Additional Consideration of Missions Subgroup Responses:

How much are we (the rest of the congregation) actually involved in these missions?  Are we involved or spectators providing a place? 

Do you think we as a congregation truly understand what “mission” is?

A leadership journal states, “Missions is basically Jesus calling us to others.”  If this is true, in your opinion, are we answering that call to be “fishers of men”?  Why or why not?

The Community Outreach Group answered the following questions:

What is working in this area? 
Visiting Shut-ins, Serving those who mourn (funeral/memorial service lunches), Supporting the food pantry, providing toys for children.
Other outreaches include Pumpkin Festival and
Christmas Tea (mostly deacon activities)

What is not working? 
Ability to get new members (to the church)

What does our group offer? 
Love, comfort, help

What needs improvement? (No Answer)

Questions for Additional Consideration of Community Outreach subgroup Responses:

Have you been involved in any of these community outreaches?  If so, what is your evaluation of them? 

What are some community outreach activities you have identified in your life and ministry? 


Should we, or how can we be, more involved in membership and community outreach?  What are your ideas?

What do we have to offer to those outside of the church?  How can we express that to those who don’t know who we are?