2015 Session Committees

Clerk of Session: Becky Washabaugh

Church Treasurer: Cherie Kisla

Budget and Finance: Cherie Kisla

Nominating Committee: Dan Coppola and Al Nagy

Christian Education: Karen Jones, John Jones, Dan Coppola and Leon Young

Music & Worship: John Jones, Karen Jones and Dan Coppola

Property Committee: Al Nagy,Chair, Jerry Skowvron, Roger Nixon, Leon Young, Rob Smith, Buddy Jeffers, Bo Lesjak, Sandy Wallace and Nancy Ward

Nurturing Committee: Becky Washabaugh, Clerk of Session, Dan Coppola, Bill Kelley, Jerry Skowvron and Gloria Schmalz,

 Mission & Stewardship: Gloria Schmalz, John Jones and Roger Nixon

Memorial & Bequests: Bill Kelley and Deacon, Jackie Shober        

Personnel Committee: Cherie Kisla    

Special Giving Plan: Becky Washabaugh, Clerk of Session, Cherie Kisla, Treasurer, Bill Kelley, Dawn Jardini and Buddy Jeffers            

Congregation: 2015 – Kristie Coppola, 2016 – Buddy Jeffers

Our Minister is an ex-officio member of all committees.


Nurturing Committee
          The Nurturing Committee works on many projects.  The list includes:
·       Updating and maintaining current membership roles according to the requirements made by the New Book of Order.
·       Filled and delivered tins with salt for the home bound members in February.
·       Ordered Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts for the congregation in May and June.
·       Completed a “Minister Appreciation” form for the newspaper in October (2014).
·       Ordered items for home bound members of the church throughout the year.